Session 7

A Broken Vessel

Several months after the killing of Jelly, the PCs are idling at the Agency alcove, when Allison Matrick, of the Harmonium approaches them with a job: they are to hunt down and retrieve Anton, a dangerous Revolutionary League terrorist responsible for a barracks bombing. The PCs agreed, and were told that he was likely hiding at Le Petit Trou in the Third Coil, with his favourite girl, a fire genasi named Isati.

En route, the PCs ran into a convoy of construction materials for the Clockwork Spire, run by a mercenary called Josef. Lieutenant Ralof questioned both Josef and the PCs about Revolutionary League activities, at which point a bomb exploded in the street. In the ensuing aftermath the PCs grew extremely suspicious of Josef’s elderly mother.

At Le Petit Trou, the PCs encountered Marcel, the brothel’s owner, who mistakenly thought they had come to investigate a murder that had just happened the night before. Playing along, the PCs were shown into Isati’s room, where they found what looked like Anton’s corpse. After some investigation, and the help of a passing Dustman, Reconciliator Prutha, the PCs discovered that the corpse actually belonged to Anton’s father, Ivan Farley. They checked Ivan’s home to find that Anton was due to meet someone at the watch-tower at the Van Bloemfeld Rainworks, where Ivan worked.

The PCs made their way to the Rainworks, where they were ambushed by Josef and his men. During the fight, the PCs were thrown into the water of the reservoir, where a trinket they recovered from Ivan’s corpse revealed itself to be a portal key, sending the PCs to the Elemental Plane of Water. Disoriented and suffocating, the PCs barely made it to the surface in time, where they found an island where Anton was hiding, waiting for Isati. There the PCs learned that Anton and Isati were on the run, hunted by Oltos the Lustful’s men, the League, and the Harmonium. They learned that Isati and Marcus were once very close, although she was now in love with Anton, hence their falling out with the League.

Convinced that Isati was in trouble, the PCs and Anton headed back to Sigil, where they encountered Josef and his mother in the street, with Isati in their grasp. The PCs defeated Josef in their most difficult battle yet, and decided to free Isati and Anton, letting them make their way to the City of Brass. A few weeks later, Erik discovered a sensory stone on the counter at the Agency, which showed Marcel being forced by Cogito to slit his own throat. Present at the scene was Oltos the Lustful, and Soren von Rothburg.



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