Session 6

The Devil's Advocate

The PCs were asked by three concerned women to investigate three men: two husbands and a father. Clint, Erik, and Rajiv agreed to take the case on, and started following the leads the women presented. The first missing man, Tanis, was a half-elf administrator in the Clerk’s Ward. The PCs investigated his last known whereabouts, and found that outside of a seemingly ordinary life, Tanis had clearly been contemplating suicide, sneaking into construction site for the Clockwork Spire to stand on one of its vertiginous parapets for hours on end. Here the PCs also learned a bit more about Supreme, the mysterious modron millionaire who was financing the construction of the Spire.

The PCs then investigated Helias, a disgraced Harmonium guard, and found his house destroyed suspiciously recently, and Cogito, a powerful cranium rat swarm, told them that Helias had been entertaining demonic guests the night before. Lieutenant Ralof turned up with a patrol, and made it clear that he wanted them to stop looking into Helias’s past acts.

Finally, the PCs looked into Bill Redham. Bill, a half-orc baker, was generally well-liked in his neighbourhood, but the PCs eventually found him brutally beaten to death in a derelict apartment in the Hive Ward. They found that a couple, Liam and Marybeth, were responsible for the murder, and found a sensory stone that revealed that Bill had done something at Annabelle’s that was unbearably shameful.

Confronting Annabelle, they found that the three men were all seeing Lucia, a succubus with a child’s appearance. They found Lucia and Helias both dead in a hidden room Lucia had been using as a lair. Emerging from the room back onto the street, they found Marcus with his retinue of Leaguers, with Jelly captured before them. Marcus told the PCs that he had warned them not to interfere, and seemingly reluctantly executed Jelly by shooting her in the head with a pistol.



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