Session 4

Fade to Black

The group was contracted by Larson, a sickly adventurer who wanted them to journey to his home plane to rescue his mother Bertha, as he had recently learned the plane was collapsing. He warned the group that the plane was one of unfettered wilderness, and the group thought well to prepare for the journey.

In the plane itself, the players discovered a variety of clues indicating that several different parties had explored this plane before over the span of hundreds of years, in search of supplies or resources.

Making their way to Bertha’s house, the players scaled a difficult cliff populated by cliff monkeys, then took shelter from the pouring rain in a seemingly perfectly placed, well-furnished cabin. Here they discovered that the plane they were on must be Limbo, and that individuals with great willpower (known as anarchs) have the ability to shape the chaos stuff of Limbo into whatever form they desire.

That night, the players repulsed an ambush by nearly a dozen thrall warriors. The next day, the players continued their trek, and made their way across a torrential river, using Tai’s engineering expertise to fashion a raft.

On the other side, the group had an encounter with Dorée, one of Julius’s childhood friends who had since become a ranger specialising in the hunting of humans, and her party of mercenaries. She told the group that she intended to kill Bertha and leave them stranded on the plane while it collapsed. Julius tried to talk her down, but she seemed intent on her course of actions.

That night, though, she sent her eagle animal companion to ask for a meeting with Julius. At a nearby clearing, she asked Julius to betray his party and come with them, and that she would ensure his safety. He refused, and tried once again to persuade her not to follow through, but she did not change her mind, and retreated.

The next day, just as the plane was nearing collapse and the players were nearing Bertha’s cabin, the group was intercepted by Dorée and her party, who engaged them in an all out battle. After a long fight, Dorée was slain and the group was ready to continue on.

When they reached Bertha’s hut, they found that the entire plane was her creation, and that she was a powerful anarch. In her solitude, she had even created sons, who had gone on to lead lives outside her plane. Now, as she was dying of extreme old age, the plane was collapsing, and this is why Larson, too, was so ill. The players escaped the plane just in time, and on their return Jelly informed them that Larson had been visiting their offices at Tremayne’s every day, but on the last day he seemed to simply dissipate into thin air, leaving behind his worldly possessions, including the group’s payment for the job.



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