Session 3

Jamie's Vendetta

The siege on the Crumple was lifted shortly after the thwarting of the Doomguard’s plot, and everyone assumes the two are related.

Alain, a priest at the Temple of the Sun in Sigil, has learned of Julius’s torturing of Oltos’s thug, and says that he has been spreading the word among his fellow clerics at the temple. Julius is later exculpated and Alain humbly begs his forgiveness. Subsequently, Julius was made Defender of the Faith for the temple.

Annabelle, irritated that Soren had previously tried to spread a rumour about her being involved with Gareth Brightwing, spreads her own rumour: that Soren is a known pederast. This greatly upsets Soren.

Jamie Hart organised the killing of Tai’s mother, Lady von Krat, and left a note addressed to Tai in the corpse’s mouth. Tai vowed revenge, and set about investigating how this could have happened. He found that two of his guards, Lisson and Tirth, were absent on the night of the murder, and a third is in the hospital. Visiting him there, Tai speaks to Billson, who was injured by an unknown assailant that night. Billson tells Tai that Lisson and Tirth were carousing with the Shale Sisters, high-class escorts who worked for Annabelle, an erinyes demon, at a brothel in the Clerk’s Ward.

At Annabelle’s the group discovers that the Shale Sisters owed Marcus a favour, and he agreed in secret to set Jamie up with them. The two seemed connected.

The players were then contacted and lured into a trap by the Shale Sisters, who attempted to kill the players. The group killed one of them, and sent the other to prison after interrogating her and discovering that Jamie had hired them to distract the guards while Jamie went and killed Lady von Krat.

Separately, Julius ran into Lintel again, a young novice who had been touring the shrines of the Hive, trying to decide what deity to serve. He had fallen in with disciples of Tiamat, and Julius came across them trying to mug an old couple. After dealing with the evil clerics, Lintel, scared straight, seemed to want to latch on to Julius as a mentor figure.

Afterwards, the players were called to the von Krat estate to find it in flames. Lord von Krat, whom the group assumes was driven mad by grief, had taken to burning down the mansion and killing all the servants. Tai managed to subdue his father, and the rest of the group did their best to rescue as many people from the fire as possible. Tai’s father was consigned to the Gatehouse, Sigil’s asylum, and Tai was ostensibly left as Lord of the von Krat estate.

Concluding this session, Justinia Wendlin called on the group, informing them that she was very satisfied with the way they fulfilled their contract to retrieve a schematic for her, and as a reward she granted them full licence to run Tremayne’s Detective Agency, affording them seats in the Hall of Speakers as professionals.



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