Session 2

An Open Door

The Crumple, had been turned into a prison, quarantined off from the rest of Sigil. After two weeks of this, the neighbourhood’s residents were beginning to run out of food and water, and desperation muggings began spiking on the streets. The only way food would come into Sigil is through portals to other planes, and with the quarantine in place, all portals were closed.

The group spend long hours in Soren’s flat, now crammed even more uncomfortably since Tai insisted on carting the weapons found in the yugoloth outpost back here. Here they meet up with Vincent “Breechloader” Lu’vaas, a talented wizard and clockwork artificer. As the players were wandering the Crumple’s main thoroughfare, looking for supplies and any news on the situation in the district, an unholy screaming sound pierced the buzz of the Crumple’s main street, a portal tore open on the wall of a nearby sensorium, and through it came Reya Fullskye an incredibly beautiful aasimar, dressed in druid leathers, bloody cloths stuffed in her ears.

Almost immediately, a tough-looking contingent of Doomguard thugs turned up and kidnapped Reya. Horus Pimberg a tinker whom Soren had befriended, informed the players that it was extremely unusual for a portal to be created by a person, and especially while the Crumple was under quarantine.

Separately, Kuffrey, a malevolent pandaman who runs the Broken Oak, a local tavern and inn, asked the group to ferret out the source of contaminated Lodestone that was hurting his business. They investigated and discovered that it was Taria, who had resorted to working for Oltos the Lustful, the owner of Shadwell’s, a local brothel. The players confronted Taria, and killed her handler, a Kyton named the Little Baron. Taria, once again freed from an unsavoury employer, committed to staying out of trouble from then on. In return, Kuffrey told the players that the Doomguard most likely were holing up in the Old House Portavian, an abandoned mansion from a defunct noble house. He also agreed to start paying Soren protection money of 20gp per week.

Asking around at Shadwell’s, the group met Geraldine, a tiefling prostitute who had been forced into magically bonded service for Oltos. They agreed to free her from Oltos, and they researched and performed a ritual which required Julius to sacrifice one of his own fingers. Geraldine thanked the players profusely, and left.

In the course of investigating the kidnapping of Reya, the group also sparked a small turf war between Oltos and the Revolutionary League, provoking a gang of Oltos’s thugs to burn down the Revolutionary League’s hideout. During this arc, there was also an incident where Julius briefly tortured one of Oltos’s thugs.

The players located and infiltrated the Old House Portavian, and discovered in the basement a massive portal to the Demiplane of Vacuum, which the Doomguard were hoping to use Reya to expand into a large enough tear to swallow up all of Sigil. They thwarted this plot by killing Withering, the leader of the local Doomguard sect, and rescuing Reya. After the battle was over, Marcus showed up with a contingent of Revolutionaries and offered to take care of Reya, but she chose to stay with the players instead.



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