Session 1

The Hive Besieged

The players began in the Hive Ward, an oppressive and overcrowded slum district in Sigil, the centre and crossroads of the planes.

Julius, Soren, and Tai were perusing an underground arcade lined with haphazard stalls and shop alcoves, when they heard a commotion further up the hall. It was a group of Xaositects, a faction dedicated to randomness and the pursuit of chaos, rushing down the arcade handing chicks out to passersby. One of the Xaositects approached Tai, and thrust a chick into his hand and spoke something in a garbled dialect, but before Tai could respond she was cut down by a group of Doomguard thugs. In the resulting battle, several civilians died in the crossfire, including the owner of a small detective agency, Tremayne.

As the players took stock of what had just happened, Edward Wendlin, husband of Justinia Wendlin, a factor for the Harmonium (Sigil’s lawkeeping faction), called at the agency, seeking to hire a detective. The group volunteered their services and installed themselves as the new owners of Tremayne’s Detective Agency.

The case involved seeking out the murderer of a local tinker and inventor, Bald Charlie, whose services Edward Wendlin had contracted to produce a schematic for a marital aid.

The players investigated Bald Charlie’s flat, and found evidence that he had sought protection with the Revolutionary League, and that several other of his schematics had been taken. They also found several interesting names in his customer ledger:* Siluvius, Shockthorn*, and Gareth Brightwing. From inspecting his wounds, it appeared as if he had been burned with both fire and acid, as if to hide the true cause of his death.

On leaving the building, the group ran into an aasimar waif called Taria, who was being paid to keep an eye on them by Topknot, a local thug who was pimping her out and keeping her addicted to Lodestone, a local drug. After chasing her down and catching her, they decided to confront Topknot, and beat him badly, freeing Taria from her obligations to him.

Taria tells the group that the Revolutionary League may know more about whoever killed Bald Charlie, and after meeting Marcus, the charismatic leader of the local cell of the Revolutionary League, they exchange information on the Doomguard attack the group was present for, and Marcus gives them an envelope containing the details to a portal, which turns out to lead to the apartment of Bald Charlie’s killer.

His name is Jamie Hart, and he was living there with his lover Phillis Quard, an architect. Investigating the flat, the players find that Jamie was scheduled to meet with his employer, Shockthorn, that very night to deliver the schematic to him. The players rushed over to a derelict storefront for “Ancient spices and incenses from the Lower Planes”. This had been turned into a yugoloth outpost containing several Caenath guards (minor yugoloth footsoldiers), and the group arrived just as Jamie and Shockthorn were heading through a portal to another plane.

The players dispatched the Caenath guards and subdued Phillis, who had remained behind to try to protect Jamie’s escape. In the outpost, the group found hundreds of green steel weapons, and a copy of the prized schematic: plans for the construction of a firearm. They took the weapons and left Phillis tied up in the store’s basement.

As they emerged back into the Crumple, they found a riot going on in full swing, agitated by the Revolutionary League. The entire neighbourhood was being barricaded off from the rest of Sigil and besieged by the Harmonium, who were taken by surprise and pushed out of the district.



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