Session 7
A Broken Vessel

Several months after the killing of Jelly, the PCs are idling at the Agency alcove, when Allison Matrick, of the Harmonium approaches them with a job: they are to hunt down and retrieve Anton, a dangerous Revolutionary League terrorist responsible for a barracks bombing. The PCs agreed, and were told that he was likely hiding at Le Petit Trou in the Third Coil, with his favourite girl, a fire genasi named Isati.

En route, the PCs ran into a convoy of construction materials for the Clockwork Spire, run by a mercenary called Josef. Lieutenant Ralof questioned both Josef and the PCs about Revolutionary League activities, at which point a bomb exploded in the street. In the ensuing aftermath the PCs grew extremely suspicious of Josef’s elderly mother.

At Le Petit Trou, the PCs encountered Marcel, the brothel’s owner, who mistakenly thought they had come to investigate a murder that had just happened the night before. Playing along, the PCs were shown into Isati’s room, where they found what looked like Anton’s corpse. After some investigation, and the help of a passing Dustman, Reconciliator Prutha, the PCs discovered that the corpse actually belonged to Anton’s father, Ivan Farley. They checked Ivan’s home to find that Anton was due to meet someone at the watch-tower at the Van Bloemfeld Rainworks, where Ivan worked.

The PCs made their way to the Rainworks, where they were ambushed by Josef and his men. During the fight, the PCs were thrown into the water of the reservoir, where a trinket they recovered from Ivan’s corpse revealed itself to be a portal key, sending the PCs to the Elemental Plane of Water. Disoriented and suffocating, the PCs barely made it to the surface in time, where they found an island where Anton was hiding, waiting for Isati. There the PCs learned that Anton and Isati were on the run, hunted by Oltos the Lustful’s men, the League, and the Harmonium. They learned that Isati and Marcus were once very close, although she was now in love with Anton, hence their falling out with the League.

Convinced that Isati was in trouble, the PCs and Anton headed back to Sigil, where they encountered Josef and his mother in the street, with Isati in their grasp. The PCs defeated Josef in their most difficult battle yet, and decided to free Isati and Anton, letting them make their way to the City of Brass. A few weeks later, Erik discovered a sensory stone on the counter at the Agency, which showed Marcel being forced by Cogito to slit his own throat. Present at the scene was Oltos the Lustful, and Soren von Rothburg.

Session 6
The Devil's Advocate

The PCs were asked by three concerned women to investigate three men: two husbands and a father. Clint, Erik, and Rajiv agreed to take the case on, and started following the leads the women presented. The first missing man, Tanis, was a half-elf administrator in the Clerk’s Ward. The PCs investigated his last known whereabouts, and found that outside of a seemingly ordinary life, Tanis had clearly been contemplating suicide, sneaking into construction site for the Clockwork Spire to stand on one of its vertiginous parapets for hours on end. Here the PCs also learned a bit more about Supreme, the mysterious modron millionaire who was financing the construction of the Spire.

The PCs then investigated Helias, a disgraced Harmonium guard, and found his house destroyed suspiciously recently, and Cogito, a powerful cranium rat swarm, told them that Helias had been entertaining demonic guests the night before. Lieutenant Ralof turned up with a patrol, and made it clear that he wanted them to stop looking into Helias’s past acts.

Finally, the PCs looked into Bill Redham. Bill, a half-orc baker, was generally well-liked in his neighbourhood, but the PCs eventually found him brutally beaten to death in a derelict apartment in the Hive Ward. They found that a couple, Liam and Marybeth, were responsible for the murder, and found a sensory stone that revealed that Bill had done something at Annabelle’s that was unbearably shameful.

Confronting Annabelle, they found that the three men were all seeing Lucia, a succubus with a child’s appearance. They found Lucia and Helias both dead in a hidden room Lucia had been using as a lair. Emerging from the room back onto the street, they found Marcus with his retinue of Leaguers, with Jelly captured before them. Marcus told the PCs that he had warned them not to interfere, and seemingly reluctantly executed Jelly by shooting her in the head with a pistol.

Session 5
Speeches and Skirmishes

After returning from Limbo, the group had the opportunity to relax a little, and take stock of everything that has happened so far. They are becoming quite known in the Crumple, and even the Hive more generally, and they often entertain guests, either allies or contacts, from their regular table at the Rusted Oven, on the Crumple’s main street.

About a week after their planar jaunt, Lucius, the steward of the von Krat estate, called on the group and informed them that the Hall of Speakers would hold a session the next day to decide on the issue of the von Krat succession, as two other claimants had emerged. Timothy von Krat, and Sid von Kierlane.

After a back and forth trial that the group entirely dominated, and an incredibly stirring speech delivered by Soren in favour of Tai at the Hall of Speakers, Sid challenged Tai to a duel and was promptly killed. Timothy’s claim, which the group suspects was fed to him by his mother Elba, was almost laughed out of court.

The day after the duel, the group was called for another session, this time to discuss some tedious issues concerning public works dealing with the von Krat’s marble and granite interests. However, Jamie also turned up to the session, and stirred up a commotion which allowed him to take a shot at Amarya, the First Voice at the Hall of Speakers. Julius managed to make his way through to her and healed her, earning her gratitude.

After this session, the group impressed the Doomguard enough for them to send Annabelle, a member of their faction, to summon them to an exchange of information with Factol Pentar. The meeting was guarded, but in the end the group agreed to make a best faith effort to ensure that a unit of Doomguard rookies Factol Pentar would station at the Broken Oak would not be harmed.

The players also began noticing two members of the Athar, a young woman named Penelope and her half-orc lover named Yuld, who seem to be around in the background quite often in the Crumple.

On their way to a meeting with Taria, the group encountered Geraldine and a few Revolutionary Leaguers who were together brutally beating Becky, a local prostitute and her customer. Geraldine had joined up with the Revolutionaries soon after being freed from Oltos by the group, but she’d now become a harsh and fanatical devotee of Epyrus, a god of storms and lost battles. She had been taking actions all over the crumple to try and shut down brothels and the sex trade.

While this was happening, and before the players could intercede, Marcus stepped in and rebuked Geraldine, throwing into stark relief the clear distaste the two had for each other. Geraldine attempted to storm off, but Julius went after her and made several emotional appeals to her better nature, which seemed not to affect her.

The group then went on to meet with Taria, who told them that the situation with the Stygian Red trade in the neighbourhood had really come to a head, that the whole district was experiencing severe economic decline and hundreds were derelict and homeless as a result of the addiction, and she implored the players to do something about it. She mentioned that she has seen some of the dealers come out of a derelict tenement nearby, and that she believes it leads to the Mortuary, the headquarters of the Dustmen.

The players investigated the tenement, and in the process discovered another cranium rat nation, referring to itself as Many-of-One. After some bargaining, they attacked the rats and dispersed them. Passing under the tenement, they came into a large sealed off hall which acted as a portal to the River Styx. Corpses would float down this river and be pulled down by three Dustmen, Casket, Urn, and Ditch. They utterly confounded the three Dustmen novitiates, who summoned their Factor, a man named Morgan who seemed undead. Morgan cut a deal with the group, stating that he would cease supplying the League with Stygian Red if they found and killed Phillis, who had recently resurfaced as alive, in breach of his Dead Contract with the Dustmen.

As the group made their way back through the tunnel to the Hive, they met what seemed to be a doppelganger with some sort of spider features, named Fabien. He behaved extremely amicably, and openly told the players that he was a spy working for Oltos, and that he would report news that Geraldine was planning to turn on Marcus shortly. At this point a massive (and very unusual) earthquake struck, burying two of the group as well as Fabien. The remaining party members managed to dig everyone out, and Fabien told the group that he owed them a debt of gratitude.

Back up in the Hive, the players witnessed some of the devastation that the earthquake had caused, including the collapse of the sensorium in the Crumple’s main thoroughfare. They set about investigating Phillis’s location, and after finding that he had taken a rod of resurrection from the house of the Montbelliard family, they decided to cast locate object to discern its location. This pointed them to the Great Prison, run by the Mercykiller faction, which Soren noted has often had revolutionary tendencies. The group infiltrated the prison through its sewers, posing as guards (with Julius creating a handy distraction as a cleric at one point). They found Phillis in the political prisoners section, being guarded by a combined force of Mercykiller wardens and Revlutionary League shock troops. Tai killed Phillis in spectacular fashion, but when the group searched for the magical rod, it was nowhere to be found, not even using another locate object spell, indicating that either someone was magically hiding it (or using lead to store it), or that it was on another plane.

The next day, the group attended the public execution of 23 Mercykiller men and women who were involved in the plot to harbour a Revolutionary League fugitive, and afterwards witnessed the issuing of a bounty of 10,000gp on Jamie’s head. From reading the journal of Phillis, it seems that his next step was to meet with Gareth Brightwing on the third layer of Mount Celestia.

Session 4
Fade to Black

The group was contracted by Larson, a sickly adventurer who wanted them to journey to his home plane to rescue his mother Bertha, as he had recently learned the plane was collapsing. He warned the group that the plane was one of unfettered wilderness, and the group thought well to prepare for the journey.

In the plane itself, the players discovered a variety of clues indicating that several different parties had explored this plane before over the span of hundreds of years, in search of supplies or resources.

Making their way to Bertha’s house, the players scaled a difficult cliff populated by cliff monkeys, then took shelter from the pouring rain in a seemingly perfectly placed, well-furnished cabin. Here they discovered that the plane they were on must be Limbo, and that individuals with great willpower (known as anarchs) have the ability to shape the chaos stuff of Limbo into whatever form they desire.

That night, the players repulsed an ambush by nearly a dozen thrall warriors. The next day, the players continued their trek, and made their way across a torrential river, using Tai’s engineering expertise to fashion a raft.

On the other side, the group had an encounter with Dorée, one of Julius’s childhood friends who had since become a ranger specialising in the hunting of humans, and her party of mercenaries. She told the group that she intended to kill Bertha and leave them stranded on the plane while it collapsed. Julius tried to talk her down, but she seemed intent on her course of actions.

That night, though, she sent her eagle animal companion to ask for a meeting with Julius. At a nearby clearing, she asked Julius to betray his party and come with them, and that she would ensure his safety. He refused, and tried once again to persuade her not to follow through, but she did not change her mind, and retreated.

The next day, just as the plane was nearing collapse and the players were nearing Bertha’s cabin, the group was intercepted by Dorée and her party, who engaged them in an all out battle. After a long fight, Dorée was slain and the group was ready to continue on.

When they reached Bertha’s hut, they found that the entire plane was her creation, and that she was a powerful anarch. In her solitude, she had even created sons, who had gone on to lead lives outside her plane. Now, as she was dying of extreme old age, the plane was collapsing, and this is why Larson, too, was so ill. The players escaped the plane just in time, and on their return Jelly informed them that Larson had been visiting their offices at Tremayne’s every day, but on the last day he seemed to simply dissipate into thin air, leaving behind his worldly possessions, including the group’s payment for the job.

Session 3
Jamie's Vendetta

The siege on the Crumple was lifted shortly after the thwarting of the Doomguard’s plot, and everyone assumes the two are related.

Alain, a priest at the Temple of the Sun in Sigil, has learned of Julius’s torturing of Oltos’s thug, and says that he has been spreading the word among his fellow clerics at the temple. Julius is later exculpated and Alain humbly begs his forgiveness. Subsequently, Julius was made Defender of the Faith for the temple.

Annabelle, irritated that Soren had previously tried to spread a rumour about her being involved with Gareth Brightwing, spreads her own rumour: that Soren is a known pederast. This greatly upsets Soren.

Jamie Hart organised the killing of Tai’s mother, Lady von Krat, and left a note addressed to Tai in the corpse’s mouth. Tai vowed revenge, and set about investigating how this could have happened. He found that two of his guards, Lisson and Tirth, were absent on the night of the murder, and a third is in the hospital. Visiting him there, Tai speaks to Billson, who was injured by an unknown assailant that night. Billson tells Tai that Lisson and Tirth were carousing with the Shale Sisters, high-class escorts who worked for Annabelle, an erinyes demon, at a brothel in the Clerk’s Ward.

At Annabelle’s the group discovers that the Shale Sisters owed Marcus a favour, and he agreed in secret to set Jamie up with them. The two seemed connected.

The players were then contacted and lured into a trap by the Shale Sisters, who attempted to kill the players. The group killed one of them, and sent the other to prison after interrogating her and discovering that Jamie had hired them to distract the guards while Jamie went and killed Lady von Krat.

Separately, Julius ran into Lintel again, a young novice who had been touring the shrines of the Hive, trying to decide what deity to serve. He had fallen in with disciples of Tiamat, and Julius came across them trying to mug an old couple. After dealing with the evil clerics, Lintel, scared straight, seemed to want to latch on to Julius as a mentor figure.

Afterwards, the players were called to the von Krat estate to find it in flames. Lord von Krat, whom the group assumes was driven mad by grief, had taken to burning down the mansion and killing all the servants. Tai managed to subdue his father, and the rest of the group did their best to rescue as many people from the fire as possible. Tai’s father was consigned to the Gatehouse, Sigil’s asylum, and Tai was ostensibly left as Lord of the von Krat estate.

Concluding this session, Justinia Wendlin called on the group, informing them that she was very satisfied with the way they fulfilled their contract to retrieve a schematic for her, and as a reward she granted them full licence to run Tremayne’s Detective Agency, affording them seats in the Hall of Speakers as professionals.

Session 2
An Open Door

The Crumple, had been turned into a prison, quarantined off from the rest of Sigil. After two weeks of this, the neighbourhood’s residents were beginning to run out of food and water, and desperation muggings began spiking on the streets. The only way food would come into Sigil is through portals to other planes, and with the quarantine in place, all portals were closed.

The group spend long hours in Soren’s flat, now crammed even more uncomfortably since Tai insisted on carting the weapons found in the yugoloth outpost back here. Here they meet up with Vincent “Breechloader” Lu’vaas, a talented wizard and clockwork artificer. As the players were wandering the Crumple’s main thoroughfare, looking for supplies and any news on the situation in the district, an unholy screaming sound pierced the buzz of the Crumple’s main street, a portal tore open on the wall of a nearby sensorium, and through it came Reya Fullskye an incredibly beautiful aasimar, dressed in druid leathers, bloody cloths stuffed in her ears.

Almost immediately, a tough-looking contingent of Doomguard thugs turned up and kidnapped Reya. Horus Pimberg a tinker whom Soren had befriended, informed the players that it was extremely unusual for a portal to be created by a person, and especially while the Crumple was under quarantine.

Separately, Kuffrey, a malevolent pandaman who runs the Broken Oak, a local tavern and inn, asked the group to ferret out the source of contaminated Lodestone that was hurting his business. They investigated and discovered that it was Taria, who had resorted to working for Oltos the Lustful, the owner of Shadwell’s, a local brothel. The players confronted Taria, and killed her handler, a Kyton named the Little Baron. Taria, once again freed from an unsavoury employer, committed to staying out of trouble from then on. In return, Kuffrey told the players that the Doomguard most likely were holing up in the Old House Portavian, an abandoned mansion from a defunct noble house. He also agreed to start paying Soren protection money of 20gp per week.

Asking around at Shadwell’s, the group met Geraldine, a tiefling prostitute who had been forced into magically bonded service for Oltos. They agreed to free her from Oltos, and they researched and performed a ritual which required Julius to sacrifice one of his own fingers. Geraldine thanked the players profusely, and left.

In the course of investigating the kidnapping of Reya, the group also sparked a small turf war between Oltos and the Revolutionary League, provoking a gang of Oltos’s thugs to burn down the Revolutionary League’s hideout. During this arc, there was also an incident where Julius briefly tortured one of Oltos’s thugs.

The players located and infiltrated the Old House Portavian, and discovered in the basement a massive portal to the Demiplane of Vacuum, which the Doomguard were hoping to use Reya to expand into a large enough tear to swallow up all of Sigil. They thwarted this plot by killing Withering, the leader of the local Doomguard sect, and rescuing Reya. After the battle was over, Marcus showed up with a contingent of Revolutionaries and offered to take care of Reya, but she chose to stay with the players instead.

Session 1
The Hive Besieged

The players began in the Hive Ward, an oppressive and overcrowded slum district in Sigil, the centre and crossroads of the planes.

Julius, Soren, and Tai were perusing an underground arcade lined with haphazard stalls and shop alcoves, when they heard a commotion further up the hall. It was a group of Xaositects, a faction dedicated to randomness and the pursuit of chaos, rushing down the arcade handing chicks out to passersby. One of the Xaositects approached Tai, and thrust a chick into his hand and spoke something in a garbled dialect, but before Tai could respond she was cut down by a group of Doomguard thugs. In the resulting battle, several civilians died in the crossfire, including the owner of a small detective agency, Tremayne.

As the players took stock of what had just happened, Edward Wendlin, husband of Justinia Wendlin, a factor for the Harmonium (Sigil’s lawkeeping faction), called at the agency, seeking to hire a detective. The group volunteered their services and installed themselves as the new owners of Tremayne’s Detective Agency.

The case involved seeking out the murderer of a local tinker and inventor, Bald Charlie, whose services Edward Wendlin had contracted to produce a schematic for a marital aid.

The players investigated Bald Charlie’s flat, and found evidence that he had sought protection with the Revolutionary League, and that several other of his schematics had been taken. They also found several interesting names in his customer ledger:* Siluvius, Shockthorn*, and Gareth Brightwing. From inspecting his wounds, it appeared as if he had been burned with both fire and acid, as if to hide the true cause of his death.

On leaving the building, the group ran into an aasimar waif called Taria, who was being paid to keep an eye on them by Topknot, a local thug who was pimping her out and keeping her addicted to Lodestone, a local drug. After chasing her down and catching her, they decided to confront Topknot, and beat him badly, freeing Taria from her obligations to him.

Taria tells the group that the Revolutionary League may know more about whoever killed Bald Charlie, and after meeting Marcus, the charismatic leader of the local cell of the Revolutionary League, they exchange information on the Doomguard attack the group was present for, and Marcus gives them an envelope containing the details to a portal, which turns out to lead to the apartment of Bald Charlie’s killer.

His name is Jamie Hart, and he was living there with his lover Phillis Quard, an architect. Investigating the flat, the players find that Jamie was scheduled to meet with his employer, Shockthorn, that very night to deliver the schematic to him. The players rushed over to a derelict storefront for “Ancient spices and incenses from the Lower Planes”. This had been turned into a yugoloth outpost containing several Caenath guards (minor yugoloth footsoldiers), and the group arrived just as Jamie and Shockthorn were heading through a portal to another plane.

The players dispatched the Caenath guards and subdued Phillis, who had remained behind to try to protect Jamie’s escape. In the outpost, the group found hundreds of green steel weapons, and a copy of the prized schematic: plans for the construction of a firearm. They took the weapons and left Phillis tied up in the store’s basement.

As they emerged back into the Crumple, they found a riot going on in full swing, agitated by the Revolutionary League. The entire neighbourhood was being barricaded off from the rest of Sigil and besieged by the Harmonium, who were taken by surprise and pushed out of the district.


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